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This is Our Story

     Evergreen Clothier is a clothing company that provides funding for National Parks, initiatives that stop the source of environmental damage, and cleanup programs that remove trash from the environment.  Our Mission is to be the cause that ends all physical pollution (outside of landfills) in the United States & it's shorelines. We are bringing together a diverse network of resources and expertise; from technical leaders, engineers, scientists and practitioners, we are working together to create and scale innovative solutions around the world.

     You want to make an impactful difference in this world? Join us! With each purchase you will not only look great but also feel good about yourself for supporting a worthy cause. Plus, it's always nice knowing that your clothes are ethically made and environmentally friendly too!

     Join us today by purchasing an item from our store! Let’s make America BEAUTIFUL again together! 

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America, Welcome to Your Plan to Clean up Your Nation by 2026



Step 1: Eliminate the Source

 First You Need to Understand the Problem 

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” -Albert Einstein

"Plastic items from takeaway food and drink dominate the litter in the world's oceans, according to the most comprehensive study to date"  - Damian Carrington reports for the Guardian June 10, 2021.



The brands that are making a difference in eliminating the source of the problem are businesses that are utilizing reusable takeout containers. These businesses include Dispatch Goods in California, DeliverZero in New York, Green To-Go North Carolina, and we have just gotten wind of a new startup Eco-Takeout in the Midwest. Please if you can go ahead and use these businesses in your area. Otherwise, we are going to help them expand into new markets so their impact can be larger! 


Step 2: Cleaning up the Mess

After identifying the problem and starting to eliminate the source of pollution, then we begin to take action towards cleaning up the mess that humans have caused. While human cleanup initiatives are very virtuous we are focused on high-leverage organizations that are utilizing a technological approach. Through machine learning, robotics, drones, and the internet of things (IoT), society can achieve better monitoring, understanding, and prevention of damage and stressors on Earth’s land, air, and water. The businesses that are making an impact are The Ocean Cleanup and Razer & Clear Bot's joint venture project who are cleaning up marine plastics from the ocean as well as Project.BB cleaning up the beaches and land. 


Step 3: Celebration and Expansion

By 2026 Evergreen Clothier will have caused the end of all physical pollution in the United States & it's shorelines and we won't stop there.   Our initiatives are being taken to a global level and the earth's ocean will be 40% clean by 2030 with promise of 2050 being completely clean.