• Our Mission: End ALL Physical Pollution in the U.S.

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Step 1: Eliminate the Source

Brands Making an Impact

Here are a handful of Startups changing the way we get takeout and delivery from restaurants. YOU NEED to go and support! We are helping them to expand as quickly as possible

Step 2: Clean Up the Mess

This one's for you, America. You deserve better!

When you buy Evergreen Clothier's products, we donate proceeds to National Park Services and environmental clean up efforts. In 10 years there will be nothing but good vibes left on this planet from all your purchases–just think how life will change once plastic pollution disappears completely! Be the revolutionary we need and join us in our mission to restore peace through activism and consumerism.

Step 3: Celebrate!

While we will be able to celebrate one day we will need to ensure that our Earth Stays this way. Through machine learning, robotics, drones, and the internet of things (IoT), society can achieve better monitoring, understanding, and prevention of damage and stressors on Earth’s land, air, and water.

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Holding Evergreen Clothier Accountable

Evergreen Clothier is dedicated to honesty & transparency which is why we are an open-book management company and we share our financial information with ALL of our stakeholders